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Hello and thanks for stopping by this web page. People may wonder how IGBA and the B-Body Network came to be. I will try here to explain why/how myself and several others have decided on the need to form a association that is not concerned with anything other than benefiting general B-Body owners as a whole. If you'll read through it you'll see some promise of a good association. Here, information and participation rules the roost, not personal egos.

An Association concerned with the Hobby of B-Bodys

Personally I've owned my 96 Black Impala SS since Oct. 1996 and have done the normal mods plus a few odds and ends, some ordinary, some a little more unique than most. Pretty much a little heavier involved in the hobby than most. Some have worked, some haven't. Unlike most, I drive my car daily so it's not always showroom fresh, well, OK, it's never showroom fresh :-). It's actually quite rough and not a contender for any show trophys. Every scratch and nick is a testament to the joy of piloting a V8 rear wheel drive Chevy, and an aggressive driving habit. I've been on various Impala, 9C1 and Regional Digests since before I even took delivery of the car. Ten years driving Jap cars, every one missing the 69 Chevelle, 73 Nova and 67 & 68 Camaros I had going through HS and immediately thereafter. Finally I'm back in a car reminiscent of those earlier ones. Now how to share that love with like-minded others, like we did in school with our friends? Normal life has taken some of those, people have married, moved, adopted other priorities but clubs and associations still bring these individuals that have a love of a V-8 RWD car together.

I've been a member of the Impala Listserver since 1996, and at the same time was one of the initial 5 founders of the Heart Of Texas Super Sports (HOTSS) club here in Austin, Texas. I implemented the website there and over several years and a few months with the help of several others around the country have assembled a wealth of information on the B-Body, mainly as it pertains to the Impala SS. It's always been about the information and sharing with others that drives me. Over 70 megabytes of data in all stretching across 3,000 files. Technical Data, Members pages, Graphics, Photographs, Events, Club Locator, Group Specials and more. Except for a handful of digital pictures on the site everything has been scanned and edited extensively, with an eye for quality and speed in loading so it wastes little of ones time to view. I guess it is just part of my obseSSion. I was there at the "Last Rites" when the final DCM Impala SS rolled off the line into Pinky Randall's hands, attended Impalapalooza On The Green in the Summer of '97 and again in '99, attended ImpalaFest '98, '99, and '00 and the odd Super Chevy here and there. Good times put on by people who work their fingers to the bone for the love of the hobby, usually too many cars to see in too brief a time.

In Mid-December of 1998 I was prompted (again) to develop a site to compensate for the failings of previous offerings from other individuals. B-bodys, ordinary Caprices, 9C1's and Buick Roadmaster owners felt they were not included in any other organization with a National scope, Regional clubs were doing ok but they wanted to see more aimed towards a higher level of service. Impala SS owners had similar feelings, with a desire to have a association that participates actively. So we started working on a solution to see if something could be done. I emailed a number of people that over the years had expressed an interest in such a solution. I had initially only been concerned about the 94-96 B-Body and technical content which drives my interest but within days of putting the listserver up and notifying people the desire to include 91-93 B-Bodys also was heard. All these factions wanted a place to belong to, a place that had their interests in mind. The results you see here. A web site devoted to the B-Body. Strong on technical content, info on various events and people around the country. As time passes, it'll continue to be built upon, improved & refined to better meet the needs of the community. It may not be your "ideal" but we'll do what we can with what we have.

Ken Humphrey
List Administrator

We hope to have support from like-minded individuals and sponsors alike. The site and it's features are supported through our donors, supporters and benefactors who volunteer their time and resources to make it a success.

For the Internet Challenged:
We are not ignoring the Non-Net members, but this effort has occurred from interactions on the net and that is where all information is stored. The day-to-day interaction is here. We all have the opportunity to share with non-internet based people through our own interactions. We do encourage people to join the list and to explore the website so tell your non-internet people to beg, borrow or buy a computer and check it out. We hope you stop by and see what we have here, visit your friends who have Net access or to try your local public library to check in once in awhile.

Association Organization:

Free List Server:
    Anyone is allowed to subscribe and post.
    Three Lists (one for the 94-96 model years, another for 91-93's, and a third for discussion on Wagons)
    IGBA also sponsors/hosts the Beat The Heat list server.

Web Site: The normal stuff
    Associate Profiles
       (Personal Info on mods and awards for our supporters)
    Club Locator and F.L.I.R.T.
    Technical Articles
       (added onto as time allows and articles are submitted).
    Full Event Listing (On-Line Calendar)
       (broken down by month).
    Event Pictures, Pages and info
    Some web site items as listed below, more added as club evolves...

Associates: (renewed Annually running Jan-Jan)
    National Event Support (cash donations in the past to help out the event)
    *Associate number
    *Association Stickers for your car/toolbox (as time allows)
    *VIN Lookup Access/National Registry (94-96 Impala SS sequence number)
    *Separate Announcement list for specials/giveaways from manufacturers and the club itself.
            (Must be a Associate to be eligible.
            One win per 6 mth period unless prize is designated exempt, such as a raffle)

    *Associate Profiles (Personal Info on mod, awards, location, picts, email address...)
    *Online archive of Magazine & Newspaper Articles, Picts included (in progress)
    *Ea. Region of 12+ Associates, that desires, has web space set up & provided
            (need to have a qualified webmaster).
    More to come...
    *Associates only and/or web based

Making the International GM B-Body Association a sustainable effort. Meeting the needs of a growing B-Body hobby, making changes as neccessary to make the hobby more enjoyable for everyone that owns a B-Body or shares an interest in it. We'll promote the future of the B-Body as a viable Classic, worthy of aftermarket products, support from show organizers, and a car to be reckoned with. We'll support the B-Body hobby in maintaining and increasing the value of the platform, asist in promoting ways to communicate and trade technical, political, and social information among the association and various regional clubs.

Ongoing Work Items:

  1. Website
    - Technical Archives
    - Gallery (shots of unique vehicles and mods)
    - Feature Vehicle (detailed info on a single Feature vehicle, - Past featured vehicles in Private Area)
    - Magazine Archives (Private Area)
    - Associate Profiles (detailed info on each Member and their B-Body)
    - Technical Knowledgebase (Mod Feedback & Opinions - Private Area)
    - Comprehensive Vendor List
    - Club Locator (any B-Body oriented club)
  2. ListServer
    - 1991-1993
    - 1994-1996
    - Wagonmasters (all wagon specific talk)
    - Beat The Heat list host
  3. Club Stickers
  4. Free giveaways of newly introduced and current products coordinated with vendors.
  5. Misc items listed above for both the public and private areas of the web site. Infrastructure to benefit Associatess and general list members alike.

Subscribe to our list server and let us all hear from you. Do you have anything to sell, want to buy or trade, just want to talk about our B-Bodys, let us know. Keep the political stuff off, this is a list for the Hobby not pettyness or egos.

This will not be a Association for FWD Impalas (1999+) or the discussion of it.

Sponsors should email us if you want to contribute to this effort. Thanks to Matt Paul, Dal Slabaugh, Dave Zeckhausen, John LeBlanc at Mallory Billet Aluminum, and Chris Gibbons for their generous help in getting the Association off to a good start also.

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