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Joining the

B-Body Network
List Servers


Thanks for your interest in the listserver(s). With a B-Body List Server, we can all keep in touch on a world wide basis. Every comment or question that goes into the list server will be forwarded to all subscribers on that specific list. There is a Digest Version for those that want.

Subscribe to the list server(s) after reading the List Rules below and let us all hear from you. If you have questions on any specific list rule please see the expanded definitions.

Ken Humphrey
IGBA/B-Body.Net Administrator


94-96 B-Bodys

To Subscribe to the 94-96 Email Repeater:
Send an Email to the Following Address 94-96-On@B-Body.net
(subject and body of the message does not matter.)

Administered by Ken H.

91-93 B-Bodys

To Subscribe to the 91-93 Email Repeater:
Send an Email to the Following Address 91-93-On@B-Body.net
(subject and body of the message does not matter.)

This list is the less active you may want to subscribe to both at first and once traffic builds on the 91-93 to your satisfaction you can unsubscribe from the other. Administered by Ken H.

91-96 WagonMasters

To Subscribe to the 91-96 Wagon Email Repeater:
Send an Email to the Following Address Wagon-On@B-Body.net
(subject and body of the message does not matter.)
This list is active as of 1/30/99 and the administrator(s) is Peter C. Fyler or Mike Speasl

Converting from the individual list to Digest Format

You should receive instructions on how to subscribe to the digest format in your confirmation message. You must be subscribed to the list server using the step above before you can convert the account to receive emails in Digest Form following the steps below. The Digest comes out once a day, min..

To Subscribe to the Digest:
Send an Email to the Following Address requests@B-Body.net with the subject that is for the particular year break for your vehicle.

subscribe digest 94-96
subscribe digest 91-93
subscribe digest Wagon

To Post (once you are subscribed):
Send an Email to 94-96@B-Body.net, 91-93@B-Body.net or Wagon@B-Body.net

To Unsubscribe:
Send an Email to the Following Address 94-96-Off@B-Body.net, 91-93-Off@B-Body.net or Wagon-Off@B-Body.net

There are no fees to become a subscriber to a IGBA list, you don't have to own one to participate, it's all free. We hope that people will use the lists to spread the word about their enthusiasm for the B-Bodys they admire and share information pertinent to their vehicles.

Thank you for reading this entire page. If you did then you are a rare person, most people don't. <bg>.

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