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VIN Decoder

EmailWe've got several choices here, type in approx. 60,000+ VIN's and the associated info or ask for suckers, ummm volunteers <g>, yeah that's it, to help out. If interested the email link is below.

Click Here to view the Beta version.
(There's only 46 or so to date).

NOTE: It's rough. You can see the way a search will function. Due to sheer numbers currently supporters of the IGBA whom supply their Impala SS VIN have and will be entered in the search database. Their name/location will appear next to their VIN and where the SS was purchased from, etc.. Eventually some years down the road we may have ALL the Impala SS's listed and Identified at which point we can make the search string LITERAL. Also if someone sees a wrecked Impala we can enter that information next to the VIN # and people researching buying a car that looks a little too good or a possible fake could tell it is not authentic or may be a resurrection from a graveyard.

Don't go hitting the VIN search page thinking yours will be in there. Currently only a few from people that have submitted VIN's through the Associate Form or Profile are in the batabase. More will be added as time allows. The rest of it will take years to get done as 70,000+ records will take plenty of time. It's low on the list of prioritys.

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