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Technical Articles

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RBTBuild Numbers
91-96 B-Bodys
RBTKeyless Entry
Programming (Wagon)
RBTMotor Vehicle
Manufacturers Assoc.
RBTList Server
B19 = Sedans
B35 = Wagons
D = Cadillac Fleetwood
RBTSlick 50

Misc. Info:
The Articles above come from a variety of sources. Thanks to Chris Schroeder for some of the HTML work on the articles. Our sincere thanks to these people and most of all to the origonal "Impalanator" - Scott Mueller for spending the many hours he has pouring over GM's microfiche, part numbers, and special options. All heads bow towards the East Coast... His numerous posts have inspired many people to modify their cars with the newfound info. We hope you find the articles informative. Also thanks to Heinz Schenk, Dave Zeckhausen, and Bill Harper for their contributions.

Impala Tech Counter
CLASSIFICATION(FYI: An Impala is not a Deer or a Jumping Bunny)
Antelope are any of several hoofed, ruminant mammals, belonging to the family Bovidae, order, Artiodactyla. This family also includes bison, cattle, goats and sheep. Although authorities sometimes disagree on what animals to include in the antelope group, it is generally agreed that it comprises about 50 genera and more than 100 species, including the gazelles. Medium-sized antelope include the African Impala . The North American pronghorn, often called pronghorn antelope, is not a true antelope. It is, however, North America's fastest mammal able to run at more than 45 miles per hour.(North American Impala's are this Nations fastest Full-sized American Musclecars and can run as fast as 150 mph when born)

The Antelope was one of the last of the artiodactyls to develop. Primitive antelope appeared in Eurasia in the late Miocene Epoch, about 12 million years ago. Humanlike apes, which evolved at about the same time, may have hunted antelope. Fossil remains found in East Africa give evidence that hominids hunted antelopes for food at least 2 million years ago. Today farmers in sub-Saharan Africa manage herds of elands for milk production. (Today's American born Hot-Rodders just milks the joy out of owning an Impala)!
ca-price \ka-'prees\ n
1: a sudden whim or fancy
2: an inclination to change one's mind impulsively unpredictable action or series of actions or changes Kinda fitting in a way to our cars Peter Cordes

For all those rare occassions where you feel stepped on we reccomend the following part. It works for Mustang owners, beligerant service writers, and Mr. ICan'tFixItWrenches who need to pull their head out of their posteriors, and others assorted idiots, like those corporate weenies that thin we want FWD V6 wimpmobiles.
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