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Door Prizes!

IGBA has arranged to do several Door Prize drawings to date. Here are the rules and if you'd like to see the items we have coming up please see the page for more details on past, current and future awards for our Supporters.

Our Supporters

This page is so the people considering IGBA can judge the amount of support from individuals and companies around the country. These people have authorized us to publically list their names in support of The B-Body Network - International GM B-Body Association and its' objectives of building a great resource around a common goal. These views are not an endorsement of the clubs they belong to.

    Ken Humphrey     HOTSS Webmaster & a Founding Member (#4), IGBA
    Terry Fiene     HOTSS, HISS, Chief of Police River Oaks, Tx, IGBA #1
    Dave Zeckhausen     Member BEASST-NJ & BrakeFest Organizer, IGBA #10
    John LeBlanc     Mallory Billet Aluminum, IGBA #19
    Roger & Phyllis McKay     Florida, IGBA #7
    Ray & Mary Weaver     President - BOSS - Oregon, IGBA #5
    Bill Diekmann     President - GRAIL, IGBA #43
    Patrick Elmore     HOTSS - Austin, Tx, IGBA #54
    Vince Plaza     SoCalSS - California
    Kenny Mueller     HOTSS/HOSS - Dallas, Tx
    Ken Gutierrez     BOSS - Oregon, IGBA #9
    Dan Duda     MinneSSota, HERD, HISS, LLISSOA, MISSL, IGBA #11
    Gary Stofer     Indiana
    Dave Stonefield     SoCalSS - California
    Michael & Carma Stone     Tigard, Oregon, IGBA #16
    Karl Ellwein     ECIO Co-Director/WAIL - Maryland
    Randy Scott     LLISSOA - Vice President - Bloomington, IL, IGBA #12
    SSteve & Jeanine Bryant     Galesburg, IL, IGBA #17
    Jeff Trammel     OASIS South Director, IGBA #22
    Mike Speasl     IGBA #58
    Loren Peterson     HISS 1, IGBA #13
    Bob Ploof     GRAIL - St. Louis, IGBA #29
    George Debski     GoFaSSt - Ormond Beach, Florida, IGBA #32
    Scott Hollenbeck     Burke, VA
    Howard Rothstein     SEIL Director
    Paul Roswell     Mallory Billet Aluminum Sales, IGBA #20
    Chris Schroeder     The HERD Webmaster
    Scott Alexander     The Engine Dress Shop / Pres. LiSSt
    Frank Clements     CarISSMA
    Keith Harms     Oasis, IGBA #41
    Gerald Bird     IGBA #45
    Mike Leahy     IGBA #26
    Jim & Charlene Bradshaw     SAIL, IGBA #40
    Bob Fandetti     IGBA #33, TenneSSee
    Dave Jackson     IGBA #49, SoCalSS
    Yolanda Harrell     IGBA #15, Herd, HISS
    Peter Fyler     IGBA #21, ISSCONE

Keep in mind only about 40 people even knew of this when this Idea was proposed, people that have expressed their views on a National organization over the past year to me via email or in person, on the listserver or in conversation at an event. Unless we hear from each of you personally you will not be listed here. It is basically an endorsement of the effort and we appreciate the consideration and participation of those that have offered direction and thoughts so far. We'll continue to evolve as we have the opportunity to do so. If you want to be listed email us. We don't expect anyone to join blindly, but if it looks like this is for you, subscribe to the list, cruise the public web pages, hang out, and enjoy... Make any further decisions based on what you see and how much value it holds for you.

I.G.B.A. I.G.B.A.
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The B-Body Network

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