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B-Body GM Network
Caprice, 9C1

impala SS Caprice SS

Club Locator for the 1991-1996 B-Body
Impala SS, Caprice, 9C1, Roadmaster, Fleetwood


Looking for a place to hang your hat, people that share a similar interest, someone to hang out with, places to go, or events to attend?

Here's a source that might just help you find those persons, or allow them to find you. Some clubs are only for 94-96 others allow earlier models.
F.L.I.R.T. Members (Fallen Impala Rescue Team) can also be located through these pages, if available, in the area selected.

Club Locations
Select a state from either the list or map below to find the B-Body Club nearest you.

US Map

Canada | Europe
Club Submissions/Changes
FLIRT Volunteer Submissions/Changes
Established 8-22-98 / Moved here 1-1-99
B-Body Counter

Ground rules: In order of importance. (Hey I did the page so I get to set them)

  1. Any Late Model 91-96 B-Body oriented club is allowed. We do not cater to the 2000 model Impala
  2. CLUBS ONLY. No businesses. Businesses can be found Here on the Vendor List.
  3. No Spam: No GeoCities or equivalent (spammers pride) websites get embedded links. I will not promote their spam and they usually don't last long enough to link to anyway. Get a real ISP. Websites can be had for as little as $30 monthly with your own domain. If you need such service email me.
  4. Updates: This list is only as accurate as you and your submissions allow it to be. Please, only one mailing address.
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