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impala SS
1996 Chevy HurSSt Oldsmobile

Owner: Bill Gelinas

Location: Canada

I for some strange reason or another love Oldsmobile's, must be because the first car I bought was an Olds. Now I have never been a normal person following the roads usually taken. Instead of buying a Cutlass like most 16 year olds might have if buying an Olds (most would have bought a Chevy I know ...) I bought a 1971 Olds 88 two door. Yes a big ugly pig of a car, with a 455, fully loaded, and to most eyes, a heinous machine. Not to me, I never have owned a Cutlass, or a Hurst Olds of any kind, but I just love being different. Every one of the 30 some cars I have owned have been modified and tweaked in a way that might be normal but the cars have never been typical.

I am 33 years Old and I am in sales, but I am a certified welder fitter, machinist, technician, and a bunch of other stuff. I always try to make everything myself or come up with my own solutions, usually it's because no one else had done something this weird. I worked for 5 years for a local Fabrication company called Wolf Racing Products, we built vintage auto racing components/reproduction originals for all the big wheels. Wolf also specialized in taking care of the needs of car, motorcycle, planes, boats, snowmobile performance exhausts.

BLA BLA BLA.....back to the Olds.

Why you say ?.....well yes I am an Olds nut and everyone has an Impala SS. And why not? It's one of the best damn cars ever made. Too bad Olds never had this idea, I think it would have been a nice option in the Olds line, and it might have helped them make a comeback instead of making mambe pambe front wheel drive sleds that led them to demise. An Olds needs to be big, and comfortable, and on a good day a muscle car. The weird thing is I got the idea from another car I had, a 1978 Olds Delta 88, it was black and a four door and I lowered it, gutted it, put a full welded cage, a 450 hp 455 Olds motor, an aluminum interior that resembles a Winston cup car, four wheel disc brakes, 16" low profile rims with Bridgestone Potenza's and so on. It was actually built to GT1 road race specs and raced here in Canada, it was also badged as a Hurst Olds, just because ! The second reason, was because on a trip to Florida one year to go jet skiing I saw something you lucky US residents have that we unfortunate Canadians never had.. ! The Oldsmobile custom cruiser wagon, not available up here. Being the freak I am, I thought those damn parts will fit my Impala, and I could make an Olds out of a Chev. It was all over at that point.

It started with an e-bay trade of my Impala SS grille for an Olds Custom Cruiser wagon grill from some other kind freak who was converting his Olds wagon to an SS wagon (sinner) but had been done before, boring, just kidding. Believe it or not the Olds parts and Chev parts are interchangeable, no mods required, just bolt it too the hood. The only part hard to find is the rubber end caps for the Olds grille where it meets the headlights...I just used ones from the Impala grille, they glue right on.

Under the hood needs some work it's very much stock and looks clean but just needs to be organized and detailed. I am thinking some sort of Oldsmobile stuff there. And when I really loose my mind I think the Ram air hood from SLP will make it look even more like an Oldsmobile.

The rest that followed as far as modifications to make the 1995 Hurst Olds are fairly simple.








The rear windows have been upgraded to stronger slides - so they don't fall off track... as they will!

Rear differential cover seal was replaced with the Fel-Pro unit- mine was wrong and the car had 80K on it when I got it!

I love the B-body no matter what face it has - the last real car ever made...



The stereo is a mild cost effective but reliable system. The stock fronts I find work quite well. The system is rated for 250 w, whatever... it sounds great has solid bass and does not overpower any of the components. Although I did install a 6" micro fan to keep the Sony amp cool.


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photos by Owner: Bill Gilenas

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