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International GM B-Body Association Associate Form

IGBA is about FAR more than a club decal, newsletter, personal webpages, website, or it's listserver. We are about promoting meets that everyone has an interest in attending - East, West, North, South, married, single, kids, no kids. We are interested in supporting the regions - ALL the regions, directly or indirectly. We are about cataloging every article online ever written on the B-body for our supporters. Here within these pages information and sharing it is King. Technical Articles are a valuable resource for our public. We will continue to develop a resource for prospective Impala SS buyers to use to avoid purchasing a wrecked or counterfeit SS, and the information to make qualified decisions on othr B-Bodys. We are about camaraderie and fair play for all parties from manufacturers to owners and enthusiasts through our forums. You can help shape the future if you desire to by making a donation to help defer IGBA's costs and to help other like-minded people in their efforts. Tell us a little about yourself on this form, become an active participant in the discussions that we have. We hope to see you online through the list or at an event in the near future. IGBA is supported by it's associates, sponsors, and others in the private sector with donations. For our part we do offer a personal profile for you, decals and the satisfaction that the information made available to the community continues unabated.

(Please Print)

First Name _________________________________ Initial __________ Last Name _________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________ State ____________________________ Zip+4 ___________________

Phone _______________________ Fax _______________________ E-Mail ________________________________________

Public? Yes No      Is this a Renewal? No      Yes /Your #______

For 1st Time Associates:


Year _____________ Make __________________ Model ____________________________ Color ______________________

V.I.N. _____________________________________________________________________

    Select One:       1st Owner     2nd Owner     3rd Owner     ??

Dealer Purchased From ___________________________________________________________________________________

Vanity Plate _________________________________ State ______________________________________________________


How Did You Hear About Us? ______________________________________________________________________________

One item you would like to see ______________________________________________________________________________


Any person that chooses to contribute $30 or more has the option to have a Profile developed around their vehicle, themselves and the mods they have performed. If you plan on utilizing this benefit please send several 35mm prints of your vehicle. They will be returned if you include a SASE or if you can send them at the same time as this form (along with your decals).

Send this registration form & check payable to Ken Humphrey
for Millenial year 2000 support of $30.00 to:

Ken Humphrey - 4303 Taloga Ct - Austin, Tx. 78749
(Please note, new address above 7-1-00)


The International GM B-Body Association is an independent organization and is not a division or subsidiary of General Motors, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, or Oldsmobile. The International GM B-Body Association is supported by our sponsors on the webpage and list servers and by monetary support offered from its associates. Your donations help further the goals of The International GM B-Body Association, particularly Online with the website, List Server, Association activities, giveaways, V.I.N. Registry and Associate Profiles. Monies raised only supplement the support costs of producing information for inclusion on the web site, decals, and support donated to National events. The plan is always to organize/attend/support several meetings, shows and/or gatherings throughout the year, which will be discussed primarily on the listserver, announced on the website. The information provided on this form may be published in a Association Directory with your consent. Designate if all or part should not be. All submissions become the property of this Association. Dues are renewed anually at the first of the year to keep things simple and easy to manage. Keep in mind this is a hobby, not a business, so trying to track annual renewal dates, would be a major chore. People that join in Nov or Dec will automatically be considered a new Associate for the following year.

GM Chevy
Custom Cruiser
impala ss

IGBA's success against THESE objectives should be the reasons you decide to join/support our goals. IGBA is directed by Ken Humphrey to benefit all B-Body owners. Yes, even as a loosely run Association we will have complicated corporation laws and rules to consider as well as expenses to bear as we grow. Throughout the years Associates and an assortment of others involved here, along with Ken H., will shape these ideas and goals. We'll do as much as possible to lay a solid foundation for the further growth and expansion of this Association. Some decisions affecting the association may be put to a majority vote over a private list with feedback requested from all current associates who have supplied IGBA with their email addresses. Anybody that has reservations should not choose to support this effort, we know we are doing good with the forum we host and the information (public and private) that we make available. We would rather everyone concerned feel good about where they put their financial clout and those that just choose to enjoy the pages are welcome too.

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